Online food ordering system

Customize your brand with our Android & iOS application and let your customers to order food online from their Smartphone’s to their doorstep.

Online food ordering system

Caters popular restaurants where one can search and browse for restaurants and can choose from menus to find the food they like, just launch your own food ordering/delivery app.

  • Easy to use
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Reliable
  • Keep total control
  • Secured


  • Registration
  • Menu Creation
  • Order Management
  • Customer / Payment Management


  • Restaurant Menu Display
  • Select Food Item & Comment
  • Place an Order
  • Payment Gateway


  • Restaurant's / Customer's / Order's Management
  • Restaurant Menu Display
  • Reporting Section

Prominent features

Start your online business with Food ordering solutions. Let your customer to order their favorite dish from anywhere, an easy way to order.

  • 1

    SEO & social media integration

    Website is easy to read by search engines, customer can also take pictures of themselves & upload them to their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook etc.

  • 2

    Make the order arrangement process easier

    Online ordering let the customer to avoid the lines and let them to place the order in a simpler way.

  • 3


    We create site with usability function that let the customer to place their order online with quick & easy.

  • 4

    Loyalty, rewards & discount programs

    Attract customers more & increase your sales with these programs on account of users spend &make their purchase.

  • 5

    Refer or Invite a friend

    Customer can invite their friends to get a bonus point which is an effective way to pull the attention of customers, indirectly leading your sales.